The Sex Industry At The Cutting Edge

People have a fundamental misunderstanding of the pretty much everything about the sex industry. Most of it is entirely legal. 99.99% of everyone in it is involved by choice and the vast majority of them are happy with their choice of employment. Instead of being populated with sleazy and haunted by neanderthal perverts, it is actually the home for some of the smartest and savviest business people in any industry. And far from being back in the stone ages, it is a huge and technologically advanced sector.One of my favourite examples of this is how Hollywood film director Jake Kasdan (son of Lawrence Kasdan; good to see that Hollywood is entirely a meritocracy not based on nepotism at all) visited the offices of YouPorn when researching for his awful movie “Sex Tape” starring Cameron Diaz.

As it turns out, the machinery behind the world of user-submitted porn is much more sophisticated than Kasdan expected.[YouPorn] had a lot to tell us about how technically it all works, in terms of how this all works on the Internet, and that was really interesting actually,” he said. “It turns out [people upload videos] so frequently and in such volume that those websites are just some of the biggest on Earth, and the technology to keep them running is worldwide. It was much more like a tech company than like a porn company.”

Likewise, Business Insider recently ran an article that gave an outstanding analysis of how the porn and sex industry has led (and still leads) the manner in which everything from the driving of bandwidth requirements to the creation of subscription services, payment gateways, and on-demand streaming and most recently interactivity in a variety of ways I am not even going to try and describe.There is even an perfectly respectable argument that the world wide web as we currently understand it would not exist without porn and the sex industry. Porn alone is estimated as a $97 billion sector each year, before the rest of the adult industry is factored in. It is almost certain that that Google would not be the globally dominant entity it is today without it being so effective in producing high quality results for seach enquiries such as “sexy blonde dwarf”, “sexy brunette Puerto Banus” and “hot escorts Barcelona”.

Yet, interestingly, Google glass has recently banned everything porn related and Google adwords will not accept advertisements for escort services. Even in a country like Spain, where in places such as Barcelona and the Costa Del Sol, escort agencies such as 2nd Circle escorts Barcelona and and Barcelona Beauties from The Barcelona escort Agency are perfectly legal public services, not being governed by the perverse and insane laws and morality that apply to the United States.SEO in escort services and porn is far more competitive than it is in almost any other market or industry. To get an escort agency site highly ranked for the best keywords is ferociously difficult. That is especially true in a major market. As an example, to get a site to rank on page one of Google a search term such as “Barcelona Escorts” will require several months of solid link building and over 12,000 backlinks of the right type and source.